GM Exec to World: Global Warming is a Crock of …

Global warming is “a total crock of shit” wrote the Vice President of General Motors Corp in a company blog entry titled “Talk About a Crock.” According to Reuters, the GM Veep wrote this as a response to recent pressure he’s been getting from bloggers (I wonder if they could be talking about this?).

There’s no spin or clever corporate greenwashing here.

I feel like I want to write a rant, but words can’t explain the monumental absurdity of this. He wrote that his personal feelings concerning global warming have “no bearing on GM’s commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.” So, the corporate head of product development thinking that global warming is bunk has nothing to do with GM’s refusal to take leadership in meeting consumer demands for more efficient, oil-free transportation?

Strange coincidence than, no?

I would rant, but I’m afraid if I think any more about it I’m going to suffer an aneurysm.

I would really like those of us concerned with the auto-industries role in driving the climate chaos can find a way to take hold of this as an opportunity to push these corporate heads into a corner on this issue.

I feel like this guy just flipped the bird to every driver between 16 – 32.

Climate chaos is a generational issue. We’re inheriting the planet. Students. Youngsters. Yung’ns. The planet we will inherit will either be healthy and hospitable, or it will be burnt asunder. That’s why students have taken this on as our generation’s mission to fulfill (see: Campus Climate Challenge).

Now, I’d like to have a sidebar here with Mr. Lutz.

Mr. Lutz: You’re living in the stone-age. I don’t need to rant about issues of justice and sustainability here. The simple fact is: Soon, we’re going to choosing to buy your cars, or not buy them. If you don’t start to face facts and start making the cars we want to drive–that’s ultra-efficient, oil-free, zero-emission cars, Bob, than we’re going to have no choice but do to your career what you’re trying to do to our planet.

Frankly, Bob, your business plan is a total crock of shit.

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2 Responses to GM Exec to World: Global Warming is a Crock of …

  1. Brian Kelly says:

    hahahaha. So absurd!

  2. I could not believe this statement when I heard it.

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