Vision to respond to economic crisis

Watch this.

Did you hear that? Did you hear what he said at the end?

Don’t panic. I’m not going to come in here with the apocalyptic message so many people are responding with. Nor, am I going to advocate some false sense of security like the current establishment is mouthing off with.

The point I really want to get across here is that there is a huge opprotunity here for people who believe that a better world is possible. This is where economic vision is most vital. People are losing their jobs, houses, access to education, healthcare, the whole shebang.

Without a sound economic vision being shared by progressives, the “bad apple” or “fluke” narrative of the status quo will dominate the popular analysis. That would offer no challenge and leave no room for change, except that change which will keep afloat the system at the root cause of our economic problems.

Furthermore, without any vision being shared by progressives, then the complaints or negations of the current system are just taken as being silly or self-righteous. We’re asked “what’s the alternative” and we either disregard the question, or become defensive. For our movement to organize and grow, as well as be strategic, we must have an idea of what institutional change we want to build. Otherwise, we’re like going on a road trip without directions.

There is a gigantic opportunity here for progressives to take hold and offer a way out of a crisis economy. People want a better world and we’ve been organizing for it for a long time, but we’ll find it difficult to take hold of this chance unless we begin articulating and organizing around an idea of what that better world looks like.e

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