It's not that the grass is always greener …

In my high school days my friends and I would sit around and complain about how much we hated our whitebread suburban hometown. We’d wax over it multiple times a day, always finding different, often creative reasons for spiting our town–the whitest city of it’s size in the country (we’d repeat this statistic over and over again).

One day it was asked, “well what do we want?” And we had no idea. For all the stuff we hated about our city, when we were asked what would make it all better we were silent. For all the grandious problems we recited we had pretty lackluster solutions. I remember once saying, “Well, like, maybe another movie theater would be cool … or laser tag, that’s pretty fun!” (Okay, I was, like, fifteen. I still played laser tag.)

This says, again, that we need to have an idea of what we want for a better world. We know and are always repeating the horrors of capitalism, patriarchy, racism and so on, but, unless we want to look like a bunch of spoiled fifteen year old boys, we should present some alternatives.

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One Response to It's not that the grass is always greener …

  1. What we really needed was a better youth organization, something aside from ‘Art Club’ or ‘CAPA’.

    Imagine how funny it would have been to come home to our parents with pamphlets on genocide & how to reduce electricity usage in the home.

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