Karma Collection Day

Music is a huge source of revolutionary inspiration for me.  It inspires hope, or sometimes serve as catharsis.  Revolutionaries, or people sympathetic to revolution, have produced some of the most beautiful, moving, energetic, fun music in history.  Revolutionaries have advanced the musical world, as they’ve advanced the human society, in fundamental and profound ways.  From the classics like the Diggers hymn “The World Turned Upside Down” or “Revolution” by the Beatles, to building so many of the foundations for the punk and hip-hop world (not to forget folk, jazz, blues and so many other forms of music that are too many to list).

I just wanted to share this video that was made for one of my favorite songs. This is “Karma Collection Day” by the band Please Inform the Captain This is a Hijack, off their album “Defeat Or Humiliate The United States of America.”  The song is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of anti-colonialism and the militant struggle for national self-determination.  The video includes lyrics.

PICTH is an outstanding and creative punk band. They include political literature in their records. Interspersed between tracks on their records are funky soundscapes made by sampling revolutionary speeches and samples from what sound like obscure sci-fi B-movies.

It’s notable that one of the members of PICTH is the very prolific punk Mike Kirsch who’s been in countless outspoken hardcore acts.  Kirsch helped pioneer the early-1990’s San Francisco Bay area punk scene with acts like Fuel (not to be confused with the unfortunately named late-1990s butt rock band) and Pinhead Gunpowder, which also included Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Aaron Cometbus of Crimpshrine.  Members of PICTH are in the group Baader Brains, a tribute to the German Red Army Faction (RAF), and another group called Mother Country Mother Fucker which I can’t wait to hear.

Thanks for listening! Post your thoughts and share some of your favorite revolutionary songs in the comments!

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