Worst moment for US Empire?

My friend Marie posted this to Facebook (via a friend of hers, Yasser) and I wanted to get others perspective on this (I edited a bit, but the content is largely the same).  Is this the worst moment for US imperialism in a century? Consider:

  • A structural capitalist (“financial”) crisis.
  • US military bogged down in two major foreign occupations.
  • Several “low intensity” and largely secretive wars.
  • Cracks and fissures emerging in the US imperial web.
  • Lack of resources available for domestic social programs.
  • The emergence of alternatives (in Latin America, South Asia, the Arab world, etc.)

I would also consider the recent large protest movements across Europe  like those against austerity measures in Greece, France, England, Ireland and Italy also threatening to US imperialism.  I would also add the inevitable crisis of the “student debt bubble,” but that could simply fit into the entire structural crisis of capitalism.

Whatever your assessment, it is clear that opportunities are emerging for the revolutionary Left in the U.S. How to we take hold of these emerging opportunities? How do we need to adapt our politics to the moment? What are the best practices and strategies you’ve seen, heard of, or participated in?

Venceremos, comrades! Aqui no se rinde nadie!

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