God Tortures, Kills Billions

The Brick Testament combined with the Skeptics Annotated Bible is one of my new favorite things.

In case anybody ever tries to tell you that somehow Islam is “inherently violent,” direct them to Revelations, possibly the most cruel, violent and unjust thing ever written.  Thomas Jefferson actually left Revelations out of his version of the Bible calling it the mere “ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.”

This is what heaven looks like, by the way.

The SAB offers a list of highlights from the book,

  • John believes “the time is at hand,” and that the things that he writes about in Revelation will “shortly come to pass.” 1:1, 3, 22:10
  • Jesus has white hair, eyes of fire, feet of brass, and has a sword sticking out of his mouth. 1:13-16
  • God gave power to someone sitting on a red horse “to take peace from the earth … that they should kill one another.” 6:4
  • Horse-like locusts with human heads, women’s hair, lion’s teeth, and scorpion’s tails. They sting people and hurt them for five months. 9:7-10
  • Four angels, with an army of 200 million, killed a third of the earth’s population. 9:15-19
  • Only 144,00 celibate men will be saved. (Those who were not “defiled with women.”) 14:3-4
  • The great harlot is described as being “full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.” She has a rather large and prominent sign on her forehead, will be made “desolate and naked,” and her flesh will be eaten and burned with fire. 17:1-16
  • Jesus, whose clothes are dipped in blood, has a sharp sword sticking out of his mouth. Thus attired, he treads the winepress of the wrath of God. 19:13-15
  • An angel calls all the fowls to feast upon dead human bodies, or as the angel calls it “the supper of the great God.” (Angel food?) 19:17-18
  • When the thousand years are over, God will send Satan to deceive us all. 20:7-8
  • God will send fire from heaven to devour people. 20:9-10
  • Whoever isn’t found listed in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire. 20:15
  • Those who are fearful or unbelieving will be cast into “the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.” 21:8
  • John quotes Jesus (1900 years ago) as saying he will come “quickly.” 22:7, 12, 20

I kind of wish I stuff like this was available when I went to Church.


Revelation 9:21 "And they did not repent of their murders, their use of magic, their sexual immorality, or their stealing."

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One Response to God Tortures, Kills Billions

  1. chris says:

    Perhaps God made ‘purfect’ Satan. Satan turned on God when he tried to grow more like God.

    Then God’s jealous anger caused him to create hell for Satan, and then mankind.

    God is fearful of Satan achieving a God like status for himself. Apparently, Satan thinks its possible. Otherwise God would have chose to ignore him, and those who chose to follow him, rather than torture billions.

    In the situation we have now, God’s anger and jealousy grew to torture billions of souls for eternity- so they would not discover the secrets to Gods power and ascend.

    In the future of tomorrow Christians will live for eternity in a Golden Prison where they won’t think for themselves but have everything handed to them.

    This way they will never become anything more, and will not threaten God.

    Billions of lives ruined by a jealous and fearful God, I can see why some people hope Satan wins this cosmic battle. They won’t have to have their grandparents tortured in the lake of fire forever. That could be their only chance now.

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