The Alphabet According to Google

This is the alphabet according to Google autocomplete which is based on the which the frequency of search queries. So the idea is that if I type in “a” it suggests “Amazon” because Amazon is the most search for word on Google starting with the letter A. Like so,

I edited the results a little to leave out obvious local references (I couldn’t clear out my cache in such a way that would let Google automatically adjust results based on my location). The results are kind of compelling and yet unsurprising. I will let them speak for themselves, but they do make the anti-corporate power hairs stand up on the back of your neck a little.  Perhaps some day, once we’ve finally paid off all the capitalists’ debt and all the public school teachers are laid off and everybody can attend a quality charter school this is what the students’ ABC’s will look like.

So with that explained, I present to you, the alphabet according to Google autocomplete.

 is for Amazon.

 is for Best Buy.

C is for craigslist.

is for Delta.

 is for eBay.

 is for Facebook (What’d you expect?).

 is for Google.

is for Hulu.

 is for Ikea.

 is for Jimmy John’s.

 is for Kohl’s.

 is for Lowes.

 is for Mapquest

 is for Netflix.

O is for Osama bin Laden.

 is for Parsons Corporation (Who?).

Q is for quotes!

R is for the Royal Wedding.

 is for Skype.

 is for Target.

 is for United States Postal Service.

 is for Verizon.

W is for the weather.

 is for Xbox.

 is for Yahoo.

 is for Zillow.

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One Response to The Alphabet According to Google

  1. Interesting :O Is it a sad commentary on my cynicism of how ubiquitous corporations are that I’m actually surprised W is “Weather” and not “Wal-Mart” xD

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