A new toy for police everywhere just in time for the global intifada

Look out soon for this brand new tool of proto-fascist repression dispersing your next peaceful demonstration.  The brand new “Crowd Buster” by Advanced Weapons Systems, Inc. is now available for agents of repression worldwide.  In a magnificent display of our systems woefully misguided use of resources, this new weapon is now available following nearly a year of global uprising and protest, from Madison, WI to Cairo, Athens and London.

Somehow the magnificent brilliance of the free-market system can find the resources to design and mass produce blatantly oppressive shit like this (that is explicitly to be used for the repression of free speech), but it can’t find the resources to put teachers in classrooms, or put up some wind turbines or solar panels somewhere to rescue the planet from total ecological disaster.

The weapon system “is designed for riots, protestors and … urban unrest” and fires pepper spray (in either mist or a “directed stream”) as far as 150 feet.  It eliminates the anonymity of the protestors by distributing a blue paint that sticks on its targets for up to three weeks, so.  The weapon is so heavy that it requires two officers to use it: one to hold the canister, and the other to aim and fire.  “One backpack size canister will cover a large public square or prison yard with mist,” according to a military blogger.

I think the elites might be afraid of something.

via Dvice.

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One Response to A new toy for police everywhere just in time for the global intifada

  1. Craig says:

    The fear of the elites is ready to see in gated communities with razor wire and broken glass on the top of walls protecting mansions. The only upside here is that someone carrying this isn’t going to pump me full of lead. (joking, they probably have side arms)

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