I Can't Believe We Still Have to Protest This Shit

*** I think there was a little bit of confusion. Without supporting Black Bloc tactics, I can say I support the right of Black Bloc people–or the crowds of which they are a part–to not be viciously attacked by the police. I also think that people who get incredibly angry about Black Bloc “hijacking” but then decry organization and accountability within Occupy–the best methods to have comradely responsibility to each other for our actions–as similarly being hijacking are hypocritical. Under the current model of horizontal leader-lessness, I feel such things will continue to happen.

My main point is that just because we disagree with Black Block tactics–and even actively argue against them within the movement, it doesn’t mean you denounce the whole Oakland movement, and it certainly doesn’t mean siding with the cops and calling their actions justified–because they’re not. That argument is akin to saying because you didn’t support…

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