A quote on contradiction

“Contradiction is the root of all movement and life, and it is only in so far as it contains a contradiction that anything moves and has impulse and activity.”

– GWF Hegel, quoted in “Dialectical Materialism & the Fate of Humanity” by C.L.R. James

I’ve been engaged in some pretty hardcore study recently over the question of racial oppression and the centrality of class struggle.  Given the recent protests over the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the sure rise of protest as the spring and summer move in, I think this is a crucial topic for any and all socialists and revolutionaries to be studying.

This has inevitably led me toward reading C.L.R. James, the Trinidad-born Trotskyist and revolutionary activist, who was a longtime member of the Socialist Workers’ Party (US).  His commitment to analyzing and fighting racism is virtually unparallelled in his time.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend reading his speech to the 1948 SWP Convention, “The Revolutionary Answer to theNegro Problem in the United States.”  Additionally, I would recommend reading his conversations with Leon Trotsky on “the Negro question” in the United States.

I’ve been compiling some notes from my reading that I’m considering posting here.

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2 Responses to A quote on contradiction

  1. RJ says:

    For the love of god read James’ “State Capitalism and World Revolution,” which he takes credit for and Grace Lee Boggs disavows, but was written mostly by Raya. It will blow your mind!

  2. RJ says:

    Might be uncomfortable reading “State Capitalism and World Revolution” though, as it constitutes a substantial and devastating critique of the SWP and Trotskyism in general which no Trotskyist has adequately answered and from which Trotskyism has never really recovered.

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