Hutaree militia members acquitted and freed

Prosecutors agree that a man who was a member of a southern Michigan militia shouldn’t be sent to prison when he returns to court for his sentence next month.

Joshua Clough of Blissfield served two years in jail before his release in April when he pleaded guilty to possessing machine guns. Federal prosecutors in Detroit say that’s plenty, but they still want him to be placed on supervised release, or probation, for at least two years.

That’s eight of nine member of the Hutaree militia that have been let off for planning a right wing putsch against the US government.

If these guys were Muslim they would’ve been sent straight to gitmo as “enemy combatants” and it would’ve been declared a triumph of national security. If they were black, they’d be sent to prison on gang charges and face decades in prison for owning automatic weapons.  If they were Occupy activists they would’ve been beaten, maced, sent to prison, etc.  But they’re not.  They’re proto-fascist scum who planned to murder police officers in hopes of starting a war with the federal government and bringing about the end of days, and so they get let off because of “free speech” (yet, when Occupy activists get beaten it’s because the cops are protecting property, or something).  And when one of these guys turns out to be Anders Brevik, politicians will cry their crocodile tears and talk about what a tragedy it is, and the media will sing some sad song about fighting “hate,” etc., rather than yelling out about how the government protects fascist, racist scumbags.

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