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Dearborn Heights fast food restaurant pays $12 an hour

A Dearborn Heights fast-food (or quick-service, is there a difference?) restaurant has opted to pay their employees $12 an hour. This is following the wave of strikes and walkouts led by fast food workers across the country, including a historically … Continue reading

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Socialism 2013

I just wanted to make a quick pitch for this summer’s Socialism 2013 conference taking place June 27 – 30 in Chicago. This year’s conference will feature hundred of workshops, discussions, and debates spanning topics like revolutionary history, to Black … Continue reading

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Hold your burgers! Hold your fries! We want our wages super-sized!

My latest for Socialist Worker is now online. It’s a report from the recent fast food workers strikes that took place in Detroit. THE STRIKES in Detroit, backed by a coalition that includes the Service Employees International Union and other … Continue reading

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Greek police torture anti-fascist protestors while held in capitivity

Fifteen anti-fascist protesters arrested in Athens during a clash with supporters of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn have said they were tortured in the Attica General Police Directorate (GADA) – the Athens equivalent of Scotland Yard – and subjected to what their lawyer describes as an Abu Ghraib-style humiliation…


Several of the protesters arrested after the first demonstration on Sunday 30 September told the Guardian they were slapped and hit by a police officer while five or six others watched, were spat on and “used as ashtrays” because they “stank”, and were kept awake all night with torches and lasers being shone in their eyes…

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Detroit’s Wayne State University Looks to Destroy Tenure

Wayne State University in Detroit has proposed a new contract that would radically redefine the terms for eliminating faculty. The school would be the first research university to effectively abolish tenure, said officials of the American Association of University Professors … Continue reading

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Daily links 07/17/2012

Talking back at a sexist bigot | tags: sexism feminism socialist worker humor Mahalla takes the lead again | tags: mahalla egypt labor strike egyptian revolution Detroit unions object, but city pay cuts look like done deal | … Continue reading

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Chicago’s teachers could strike a blow for organised labour globally

Not only is this the heart of Obama country, where unions are expected to play ball with the Democrats in an election year. It is also a city where, thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, teachers are not allowed to strike unless more than 75% of union members vote for it.

Yet it is not just the local establishment that will be unsettled here. This is getting national attention in the US, and a strike could be an embarrassment to President Obama. Moreover, it could re-ignite the American labour movement at a time of global unrest.


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