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Petroleum coke on the Detroit River: An eco-catastrophe waiting to happen

My latest for Socialist Worker, an article on the storage of petroleum coke (tar sands waste) on the Detroit River, went up yesterday.  I’ve posted a brief excerpt below.  If you want to find out more about petroleum coke, what’s … Continue reading

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Dearborn Heights fast food restaurant pays $12 an hour

A Dearborn Heights fast-food (or quick-service, is there a difference?) restaurant has opted to pay their employees $12 an hour. This is following the wave of strikes and walkouts led by fast food workers across the country, including a historically … Continue reading

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Hold your burgers! Hold your fries! We want our wages super-sized!

My latest for Socialist Worker is now online. It’s a report from the recent fast food workers strikes that took place in Detroit. THE STRIKES in Detroit, backed by a coalition that includes the Service Employees International Union and other … Continue reading

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The Last White Entrepreneurial Detroit Guy: The Meaning of the Meme

The White Entrepreneurial Detroit Guy (WEDG) meme has turned into the quintessential Frankenstein’s Monster.  What began as a cathartic venting mechanism for Detroiter’s anger and frustration has been inverted into a self-congratulatory “dialogue” rehabilitating the image of the city’s entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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Detroit: The Athens of the Midwest

Detroit was once called the “Paris of the Midwest,” but following yesterday’s announcement by Republican Governor Rick Snyder that Detroit will run by an emergency manager, Detroit may be more accurately compared to Athens. In 2009, the troika–a political body … Continue reading

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Photos from Detroit’s May Day march

Detroit’s May Day “March for the 99%” drew a crowd of hundreds and brought together an unprecedented coalition of forces including organized labor, Occupy Detroit, immigrant rights and environmental justice groups, reflective of the march them of “uniting the 99% … Continue reading

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Detroit’s 404 Willis

In the mid-90s Willis St. in Detroit used to be one of the epicenters of the Midwest punk scene. 404 Willis (now Flo’s Boutique right next to Avalon Breads and Goodwells), my friends tell me (I was too young to … Continue reading

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