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Dearborn Heights fast food restaurant pays $12 an hour

A Dearborn Heights fast-food (or quick-service, is there a difference?) restaurant has opted to pay their employees $12 an hour. This is following the wave of strikes and walkouts led by fast food workers across the country, including a historically … Continue reading

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Hold your burgers! Hold your fries! We want our wages super-sized!

My latest for Socialist Worker is now online. It’s a report from the recent fast food workers strikes that took place in Detroit. THE STRIKES in Detroit, backed by a coalition that includes the Service Employees International Union and other … Continue reading

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Detroit: The Athens of the Midwest

Detroit was once called the “Paris of the Midwest,” but following yesterday’s announcement by Republican Governor Rick Snyder that Detroit will run by an emergency manager, Detroit may be more accurately compared to Athens. In 2009, the troika–a political body … Continue reading

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Capitalist equality

I love the show Radiolab. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a brilliant radio program from WNYC hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich on science done in a very creative and entertaining format. Their recent episode exploring the concept … Continue reading

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Detroit’s Wayne State University Looks to Destroy Tenure

Wayne State University in Detroit has proposed a new contract that would radically redefine the terms for eliminating faculty. The school would be the first research university to effectively abolish tenure, said officials of the American Association of University Professors … Continue reading

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Chicago’s teachers could strike a blow for organised labour globally

Not only is this the heart of Obama country, where unions are expected to play ball with the Democrats in an election year. It is also a city where, thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, teachers are not allowed to strike unless more than 75% of union members vote for it.

Yet it is not just the local establishment that will be unsettled here. This is getting national attention in the US, and a strike could be an embarrassment to President Obama. Moreover, it could re-ignite the American labour movement at a time of global unrest.


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In Egypt: Mahalla textile workers strike to remove CEO


Thousands of textile workers at the state-owned Mahalla Misr Spinning and Weaving company began a strike on Sunday morning demanding the removal of the company’s chairman and upper management.

As I was writing yesterday, the working class in Egypt has played and continues to play a leading role in the revolutionary process in Egypt.  It is significant that the Mahalla workers are striking, as they’ve played one of the most significant roles.  The significance of the Mahalla factory is outlined in the excellent documentary by Al Jazeera, The Factory.  Workers at Mahalla have been central to Egyptian social movements for decades, including in recent events, as some of the first protestors to raise the demand for the fall of the Mubarak regime.

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