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Socialism 2013

I just wanted to make a quick pitch for this summer’s Socialism 2013 conference taking place June 27 – 30 in Chicago. This year’s conference will feature hundred of workshops, discussions, and debates spanning topics like revolutionary history, to Black … Continue reading

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New Coup video! “The Guillotine”


This video is absolutely incredible. Revolutionary art right here!

“We got the guillotine
you better run!”

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Kids in the Hall on Capital

This video is so excellent, not just for being hilarious, but for being a really excellent and surrealistic allegory for capital.  The choice of having the workers clearly producing nothing useful, means that they’re only producing exchange value (value for … Continue reading

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How Much Affection?

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Detroit’s 404 Willis

In the mid-90s Willis St. in Detroit used to be one of the epicenters of the Midwest punk scene. 404 Willis (now Flo’s Boutique right next to Avalon Breads and Goodwells), my friends tell me (I was too young to … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde on the problems of charity

This is an excellent quote by the Irish socialist and author Oscar Wilde, from his essay “The Soul of Man Under Socialism.”  Its an excellent quote, as the philosopher Slavoj Zizek explains in the video posted below the excerpt, given … Continue reading

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File Under: Commodity Fetishism

This guy sells tons of these “exclusive elite gadgets,” basically just gold plated garbage like iPads and Macbooks, for exorbitant amounts of money to the ultra-rich. Like this: On the one hand this appears extreme, and of course it is. … Continue reading

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